Empowering Health and Wellness

Who We Are

At Empower Health Group, we provide personalized and evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders and mental health conditions to empower lifelong recovery in health and happiness.

Our mission at EHG is to provide superior individualized care for every patient that extends beyond treatment to transform lives. We are a growing nationwide healthcare network devoted to authentic, customized treatment based on a foundation for recovery with dignity, integrity, and compassion.

Genuine and Compassionate Care

Our licensed, multidisciplinary team of experienced and caring physicians, counselors, nurses, and support staff are dedicated to each patient’s recovery journey. Our individualized treatment plans are designed to meet individuals’ unique needs and avoid unaddressed obstacles. Immersing patients in a new sense of purpose to abandon negative self-perceptions, our highly trained staff remains integrally involved in each step of treatment, supporting, guiding, and advising the patients.

Licensed and Accredited Facilities

Empower Health Group’s facilities are built on evidence-based practices with an intensive, personalized approach to treat substance use and mental health disorders at their core. Each of our facilities were designed to provide the ideal therapeutic setting for any patient’s profound life transformation. We believe in treating individuals one-on-one, keeping exceptional patient-to-counselor ratios, allowing team members to work closely with patients, and fostering their recovery and well-being.

Stories of Hope and Inspiration

Chris M.

“This place gave me a second chance at life, Helen and Sara are amazing. The staff is extremely helpful and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Mark W.

“White Oak Recovery has changed my life. The staff here is the very best. Their knowledge and experience is second to none. I love this place.”

Joe W.

“I'm blessed that I got to come here the staff was excellent and I clicked with all the clients I was with. Definitely recommend they really do care.”

Michelle J.

“I came here to detox and to get insight on my mental health. I’m leaving here sober, with correct medications, and the knowledge of how to get and stay sober!”


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Help Children Affected by the Disease of Addiction

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