Northridge Addiction Treatment Center

With a superior client-to-counselor ratio, Northridge Addiction Center ensures genuine, personalized care in a therapeutic environment by licensed professionals who are invested in each patient’s recovery journey and well-being.

12 Bed Capacity
Catered Meals
Onsite Pool
m6215 White Oak Ave. Encino, CA 91316

Stories of Hope and Inspiration

Chris M.

“This place gave me a second chance at life, Helen and Sara are amazing. The staff is extremely helpful and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Joe W.

“I'm blessed that I got to come here the staff was excellent and I clicked with all the clients I was with. Definitely recommend they really do care.”

Roberto C.

“It is very great place, the staff was caring and very knowledgeable. If I need anything they were very willing to meet my needs. I came in a hot mess but I'm leaving with a better out look in life. PS: love all the staff.”

David H.

“This place has helped me immensely. They've been like family and have done everything they could to send me out on the right foot. The clinical staff, techs, and everyone in between are amazing.”

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